Planning The Ultimate Beach Wedding

Planning The Ultimate Beach Wedding

If you are planning a wedding and looking for a way to have a very unique experience, you might consider a beach wedding. Ideas for how to pull off this type of event can be found through many Internet websites or you may want to keep it simple and have it planned out for you. Regardless, it is important to decide from the outset, whether you plan to have a simple and small event or whether you have a larger, more elaborate beach wedding idea in mind.

In many cases, wedding packages can be found at hotels and resorts in beach locations. These packages frequently come complete with a one-night stay at the hotel or resort, minister or officiator, photographer and photo album package, cake and champagne or sparkling cider and even a dinner for two or reception area if you have guests. If this is not your ideal beach wedding, ideas abound for those looking simply to rent a public or private beach area, tent for reception or chapel by the ocean with a reception hall nearby.

For example, my cousin wished to have a beach wedding, ideally near her relatives in Florida. The wedding was in Tampa and held outside with a Tampa Bay view. The vows were taken under a gazebo, and there were plenty of chairs arranged to seat a couple hundred guests. The music was played on a large portable keyboard for the ceremony and the reception was held inside a building next to the outdoor wedding location. This was a more elaborate wedding than what you might have if you were to choose a wedding package offered by a hotel or resort.

The Hotel or resort beach wedding idea can be quite unique, even if simple by design. If you are looking for a location you can let your imagination run wild. From Thailand to Fiji, the Caribbean to Florida or California, Greece to Africa, if you can find a beach, you are likely to be able to make your beach wedding idea a reality. An exotic locale can make for a wedding you will never forget.

Another great aspect of the beach wedding package is that it is usually much more affordable than the usual wedding these days. I found a package in Palm Beach Florida for $1000. This may appeal to those re-marrying and to young couples with a sense of adventure, alike. Another exciting opportunity is a sailboat cruise. You can simply take a ride around the ocean between your vows and your reception, or take off on a honeymoon cruise in a large private sailboat complete with captain and small crew. Saving money on a private beach wedding idea leaves extra money for the honeymoon.

Ultimately, your vision of your perfect day is your own and if you choose a beach wedding, ideally you would want to remain true to this vision. Consider attempting to alter or add to an existing wedding package, or get creative and search out your own locations. Make some phone calls, discuss plans with a travel agent or the guest services director at a hotel or resort location. This is your special day and I am certain that you will find that many people will be quite helpful with information about how to pull off your beach wedding idea.

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